TurboDry® is a product of NexTex Innovations Inc., a technology hub focused on bringing new textile innovations to market. 

We are located in the Coda Building at Tech Square in Atlanta’s booming Midtown area and are an Educate Member of the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Our Product

TurboDry uses biomimicry to quickly and efficiently move moisture away from the wearer’s body. The technology is designed to mimic the capillary action that plants use to move water from their roots to their leaves. 

A patent-pending knitting process and proprietary yarns with optimized contact angle pull moisture away from the wearer’s body and set it in motion. From there, innovative capillaries knit into the yarn quickly move the moisture to the fabric’s exterior where it spreads out for fast evaporation.

TurboDry’s exceptional drying capabilities provide superior comfort and enhanced performance.

Because TurboDry relies on physics instead of chemical coatings, our impact on the environment is minimalized. Additionally, TurboDry can be made from 100% same-type polymers, allowing it to be knit from recycled polyester and recycled back into the production chain at end of use. Read more about TurboDry sustainability here.

NexTex partners with Best Pacific International, one of the largest synthetic knit mills in the world, to bring TurboDry to market.