Superior Drying Performance

TurboDry® patent-pending technology achieves superior drying performance through moisture transportation built into each and every stitch.  Our proprietary yarns create the crucial contact angles with skin necessary to put moisture in motion.  From there, capillary structures within the fabric quickly transport moisture to the fabric’s exterior where it spreads and immediately begins to evaporate.

Because we rely on physics - not chemicals - for our drying technology, it means that our superior performance won’t wash out.  Permanent technology built into the fabric creates garments that last longer and perform better than what’s currently on the market.

One-Way Transport Capacity

One-Way Transport Capacity (OWTC) measures the difference between the area of liquid moisture content (in the x-y plane) on top vs. bottom planar sides of the fabric to determine the movement through z (from one side of the fabric to the other) over time.

Positive (+) OWTC values indicate moisture movement from the inside to the outside of the fabric. The larger the number, the faster the movement.
Negative (-) OWTC values indicate that moisture is actually being retained on the inside of the fabric.

TurboDry’s OWTC Outperforms Leading Competitors

Case Study - Activewear Shirts
One-Way Moisture Transport (%) in Comparable Knits

Permanent Performance
That Won't Wash Out

Break the Bonds of Sweat

TurboDry rapidly pulls sweat away from the body for faster evaporation.

The Power of Geometry

The special contact angle created by our yarns instantly puts moisture in motion.

Hard Working Capillaries

Proprietary capillaries knit into the fabric keep sweat moving away from your skin.

Rapid Moisture Removal

The capillary effect puts moisture on the outside where it quickly evaporates.

Dryness Boosts Performance

TurboDry instantaneously dries wet skin, creating performance-boosting comfort.

42 Sweaty College Students Prove TurboDry’s Superior Performance

We decided to put TurboDry’s drying technology to the test at HackGT, a hackathon at Georgia Institute of Technology. Forty-two students joined us for yoga and soccer mini-events wearing TurboDry shirts. They provided survey and video feedback before and after wear-testing the technology.

Over 90% of the participants said TurboDry met their performance expectations. They were ecstatic to discover that TurboDry really did draw sweat away from their bodies to keep them dry and comfortable. They commented on TurboDry’s exceptional comfort, sweat-absorbance, cooling properties, breathability, and no-stick dryness. Students mentioned that TurboDry “felt cooler,” was “still dry on inside despite sweat,” and “didn’t stick to [them] after activity.” Many wanted to know how they could immediately purchase more TurboDry products. At the end of the day, it was clear that this technology is unique compared to normal wicking technology shirts.

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