The Next Revolution in Drying Technology

We’re reinventing performance wear by creating a revolutionary drying technology that relies on physics, not chemicals, to increase comfort and boost performance. TurboDry yarns feature a patent-pending technology that leverages the science of contact angles and capillary action to naturally transport moisture away from skin. TurboDry is more than just a wicking fabric, it’s a drying technology.

Free Your Body From Sweat

TurboDry fabrics rapidly pull sweat away from the body for easier evaporation.

Surface Contact Angle

Get sweat quickly started on its journey away from the skin to the outer side of the fabric.

The Capillary Effect

Proprietary capillaries knit into the fabric structure to continue pulling sweat away from the body.

Rapid Moisture Removal

The capillary effect works to draw sweat to the outside of the garment where it spreads out.

Dryness Equals Comfort

TurboDry speeds evaporation to create dryness next to your skin for instant comfort.

Superior Performance without Compromising Sustainability

TurboDry relies on biomimicry to provide superior one-way moisture transport that performs better than leading wicking fabrics without the use of chemical coatings.

Today’s consumers are demanding products that not only deliver great performance, but also meet their desires to be sustainable. TurboDry offers the best of both worlds – exceptional drying performance with carefully considered environmental impact.

Our Product

TurboDry uses biomimicry to quickly and efficiently move moisture away from the wearer’s body. The technology is designed to mimic the capillary action that plants use to move water from their roots to their leaves. 

A patent-pending knitting process and proprietary yarns with optimized contact angle pull moisture away from the wearer’s body and set it in motion. From there, innovative capillaries knit into the yarn quickly move the moisture to the fabric’s exterior where it spreads out for fast evaporation.

TurboDry’s exceptional drying capabilities provide superior comfort and enhanced performance.

Because TurboDry relies on physics instead of chemical coatings, our impact on the environment is minimalized. Additionally, TurboDry can be made from 100% same-type polymers, allowing it to be knit from recycled polyester and recycled back into the production chain at end of use. Read more about TurboDry sustainability here.

NexTex partners with Best Pacific International, one of the largest synthetic knit mills in the world, to bring TurboDry to market. 

Learn how you can use TurboDry Technology in the products you make.