Lower Your Higg MSI

The Higg Materials Sustainability Index (MSI) is a sustainability standard used to evaluate materials and understand their cradle-to-grave environmental impact with respect to the finished garment. The lower the score, the lower environmental impact.

TurboDry® helps manufacturers lower their MSI Impact score. This is thanks to the reduction of chemicals used during manufacturing.  In addition, all TurboDry fabrics are bluesign® and Oeko-Tex® certified. Also, manufacturers can choose to proceed with custom development using recycled content and same-type (monomer) fiber instead of blends which further reduce the MSI Impact score.

Permanent Drying Technology
That Won’t Wash Out

Because TurboDry’s capabilities are physically knit into the fabric, the technology doesn’t degrade with routine washing.  In addition to greater garment durability, this means no unnecessary chemicals leeching into the wash.

Long-lasting garment life provides the highest quality for consumers and lowers the environmental impact of TurboDry products.


TurboDry fabric technology can be made with recycled polymers,meaning we are able to produce fabrics with less environmental impact.

Materials with mixed fiber contents are expensive and difficult to recycle, if not impossible. TurboDry fabrics can also be made with 100% same-type polymers to allow for future recyclability at the end of the garment’s life.  

Natural Technology

Since TurboDry technology follows the natural principles of capillary action (the kind seen in trees and other plants), it does not require durable water repellency (DWR) or wicking chemicals. This means NO added perfluorochemicals (PFCs). 


All TurboDry fabrics are bluesign® and Oeko-Tex® certified. These certifications are a testament to our sustainable production and the consumer safety of all of the fabrics we produce.

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