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Anything else is there to know about TurboDry® Elastics?2024-02-04T23:41:36+00:00

TurboDry® Elastics can have embossed, debossed, and embroidered logos. The Elastics can be digitally printed, have variable/undulating widths, and also include y-fold constructions.

What is the width range of TurboDry® Elastics?2024-02-04T23:41:12+00:00

TurboDry® Elastics range from 5-90mm in width.

What sustainability claims can be made about TurboDry® Elastics?2024-02-04T23:40:50+00:00

TurboDry® Elastics are bluesign® and Okoe-Tex® Standard 100 Certified.

How long does it take to develop a TurboDry® Elastic?2024-02-04T23:40:29+00:00

Custom development of a TurboDry® elastic takes around 3-5 weeks depending on the complexity of the design.

What is the MOQ/MCQ for a TurboDry® Elastic?2024-02-04T23:40:01+00:00

TurboDry® Elastics are yarn dyed which results in a 10,000 yard MOQ/MCQ. The MOQ and MCQ are the same. Surcharges can drop to MOQ/MCQ to 5,000 yards.

Who manufactures TurboDry® Elastics?2024-02-04T23:39:32+00:00

New Horizon Elastics is part of the Best Pacific Textiles Group and is one largest manufacturers of narrow elastics in the world.

What kind of products incorporate TurboDry technology?2024-02-04T16:15:18+00:00

Fabric: t-shirts, fleeces and more.

Elastics: headbands, bras, waistbands and more.

What Brands do you partner with?2024-01-05T14:51:30+00:00

We work with over 50 brands, including large brands, such as The North Face, Orvis and Victoria Secret, as well as many smaller brands.

How can I become a brand partner?2023-11-20T23:15:51+00:00

Fill out our contact form and we will send you samples of our product and set up a call.

Where can I find TurboDry® products?2024-01-05T14:50:40+00:00

Visit our Partners page to find our products.

Where is TurboDry® manufactured?2023-11-20T22:44:59+00:00

TurboDry® is currently manufactured in China. As adoption expands, TurboDry® manufacturing will expand to Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and the United States. If you are interested in becoming a licensed manufacturer of TurboDry® please reach out.

How is TurboDry® environmentally responsible?2023-11-20T22:50:48+00:00

TurboDry® is manufactured in bluesign® and Oke-TEK® Standard 100 certified mills. In addition, TurboDry® fabrics do not need wicking chemistry and do not have any performance washout. Thus TurboDry® products are long-lasting, durable, non-chemical alternatives to traditional wicking technologies.

Is TurboDry® available in knitted and woven form?2023-11-20T22:44:50+00:00

Yes. TurboDry® can be incorporated into knitted and woven fabrics. Currently only knitted fabrics are available, but if your team is interested in incorporating technology into woven fabrics please let us know and we can discuss joint development opportunities.

How expensive is TurboDry®?2023-11-20T22:44:45+00:00

TurboDry® costs about the same as a traditional fabric or elastic with an up-charge in price similar to a wicking chemistry.

Can TurboDry® incorporate recycled material?2023-11-20T22:50:30+00:00

Yes. In fact, recycled fibers do not affect the performance of TurboDry® materials.

How many different TurboDry® fabrics and elastics are available?2023-11-20T22:44:24+00:00

There are over 100 different fabrics and another 20+ elastics constructions in the TurboDry® collection. These fabrics include double knit, warp knit, weft knit, jacquard, rascheltronic, seamless, spacer, and interlock constructions.

Is TurboDry® a yarn technology?2023-11-20T22:44:16+00:00

No. TurboDry® is not a yarn technology. It is a fabric construction technology (how the yarns are knitted and woven together). TurboDry® performance can be achieved with commodity yarns- natural, synthetic, and blended. If your team is interested in incorporating specific yarn technology (for example DriRelease®, 37.5®, etc.) our team can calculate the moisture movement performance before development begins.

How does TurboDry® work?2023-11-20T22:44:06+00:00

TurboDry® works in a similar manner to how tree’s move moisture in their root systems. The yarns in the fabric create capillary channels that pull moisture through the fabric from the inside to the outside. This effect is achieved without additional chemistry.

What is TurboDry®?2024-01-05T14:58:37+00:00

TurboDry® is a patented fabric technology that relies on proprietary yarn selection and fabric construction techniques to create fabrics, elastics, and trims that move moisture in ways that maximize comfort, performance, and aesthetic.


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