NexTex And Squatwolf Collaborate On Performance Gym Wear

Atlanta, Georgia based NexTex Innovations, has announced that emerging global gym wear brand, Squatwolf has joined its growing roster of TDry Technology brand partners.

Squatwolf was established in Dubai, UAE in 2016 with the vision of designing athletic apparel that offers both style and functionality to meet even the best athlete’s needs, which according to Wajdan Gul, the company’s CEO and co-founder, was unavailable at the time in the Middle East.  Through a powerful marketing strategy that used trainers as micro-influencers to promote the brand on social media, Squatwolf has become the biggest gym gear brand in the Middle East and expanded on a global scale serving customers and athletes in 120+ countries.

“TDry outperforms traditional sweat-wicking fabrics in terms of better moisture management and faster drying rate,” said Gul. “Since it’s a fabric construction technology not dependent on wicking chemistry, TDry is more environmentally friendly than many traditional moisture-movement technologies. Sustainable innovation is a big part of Squatwolf’s ideology, and this marks a major achievement for our brand. We are excited about our partnership with NexTex and continuing to engineer innovative garments in the future, using insight to benefit our athletes.”

TDry technologies, featured in Squatwolf’s recent 360Lab collection for men and women, excel in moving moisture to the exterior of fabric, leaving the skin contact side dry. This is achieved through proprietary yarn selection, fabric construction, and processing techniques that result in diverse fabrics suitable for performance and everyday wear that unleash the potential for maximum comfort and performance.

“We are so impressed with how fast Squatwolf has emerged in the global athletic market, and equally as proud that our TDry technology past the team’s stringent lab and wear tests to feel confident it will benefit its customer’s workout experience,” said Chad Lawrence, CEO NexTex Innovations. “We are excited to further our collaboration to bring new products with the latest innovation to market.”

Squatwolf’s TDry collection consist of t-shirts, tanks, tights and shorts for men, and t-shirts, leggings, and sports bras for women, which can be found online at