Coleman’s PEAK1™ Collection offers premium outdoor gear designed to inspire and is built for those making the most of the outside. Gear in the collection is designed for backpacking, hiking, and rugged car camping. This is THE performance franchise within the Coleman line.

The PEAK1™ Rechargeable Headlamp is one of our personal favorites from the collection because it incorporates TurboDry® elastic into the headstrap. The TurboDry® technology ensures dryness next to skin by pulling moisture away from the body. Whether it’s warm summer nights and cool morning ski tours, perspiration is alway building on the brow of an adventurer. Incorporating the turbodry elastic helps improve comfort when the effort levels rise.

The commitment to enhanced design goes beyond the elastic strap. The PEAK1TM Headlamp features wireless solar recharging capability, Easy-to-use dual buttons for toggling between light intensity settings and red or white light, and a built-in battery indicator crucial feature for providing users with real-time information on the remaining power.

This product is a prime example that not even an elastic strap is beyond innovation. Learn more about how you can innovate with TurboDry Elastic and check out the Coleman Headlamp here.