NexTex Innovations Introduces New TurboDry® Core Fabric Collection At Functional Fabric Fair

March 30, 2022; Atlanta, GA /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Since the emergence of COVID-19 over two years ago, apparel brands around the world are dealing with inflation of raw material prices, increasing minimum order quantities (MOQs) and lengthy lead times. To help brands derisk these supply concerns and introduce new technology into market during this inflationary period, NexTex Innovations, an Atlanta-based textile technology company will introduce its new TurboDry® Core Fabric Collection at the Functional Fabric Fair in Portland, OR, April 4-5, 2022.

The Core Collection consists of eight materials selected from Nextex’s TurboDry® performance fabric featuring its patented TurboDry® technology that rapidly moves moisture in one direction away from the skin without relying on chemicals. The fabrics serve the diverse needs of our established and emerging partnership, especially for brands that cannot meet the MOQ requirements generally associated with best in class fabric technologies.

“We’ve had brands large and small asking for help with fabric minimums, shorter lead times, and quick sampling,” said Chad Lawrence, NexTex Innovations CEO. “We are happy to provide a solution with our Pillar Collection, which covers all the performance bases to include light-weight, mid-weight, heavier weight fabrics ranging from 100gsm to over 220gsm.”

To learn more about how TurboDry® can elevate your products, schedule a meeting for the show at, or stop by Booth # 714 at the Functional Fabric Spring Market.

About NexTex Innovations

NexTex is an inventor, co-creator, and licensor of environmentally conscious textile technologies for the apparel, accessories, and textile community at large. Its entrepreneurial culture, in conjunction with global manufacturing partnerships, allows the company to quickly respond to consumer demands and accelerate the commercialization of differentiated products. NexTex empowers human achievement unencumbered by the limitations of textile performance. For more information on NexTex Innovations, visit, and for TurboDry technology, please visit