Where is TurboDry® manufactured?

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TurboDry® is currently manufactured in China. As adoption expands, TurboDry® manufacturing will expand to Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and the United States. If you are interested in becoming a licensed manufacturer of TurboDry® please reach out.

Is TurboDry® a yarn technology?

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No. TurboDry® is not a yarn technology. It is a fabric construction technology (how the yarns are knitted and woven together). TurboDry® performance can be achieved with commodity yarns- natural, synthetic, and blended. If your [...]

How does TurboDry® work?

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TurboDry® works in a similar manner to how tree’s move moisture in their root systems. The yarns in the fabric create capillary channels that pull moisture through the fabric from the inside to the outside. [...]

What is TurboDry®?

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TurboDry® is a patented fabric technology that relies on proprietary yarn selection and fabric construction techniques to create fabrics, elastics, and trims that move moisture in ways that maximize comfort, performance, and aesthetic.

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